The Right Way Process

The Right Way Process

Customer Analysis

Conducting a thorough evaluation to understand current processes and to identify areas of improvement is the foundation of building a successful Workforce Management Program.

Through the customer analysis process we can develop programs to impact employee relations, recruitment, health & safety, administration, and various other areas within operations.

Ultimately, we can develop a plan to help clients reach their business goals in cost management, compliance & risk, workforce quality, fulfillment, or other business goals.


We provide candidates that will not be found through other avenues due to our local footprint, strong network of passive job seekers, and intense focus on driving referrals.

TalentWell delivers on large projects through dedicated recruiters, established pipelines in our ATS, and engaging recruiters from multiple offices if needed. We can also engage sub vendors and contract recruiters for the most demanding ramps.


Our comprehensive screening process ensures that we are providing qualified candidates to our clients which is why we yield an average interview-to-hire ratio of 68%.

We ensure background compliance by mirroring the client’s background requirements and utilizing the largest background screening company in the nation. This ensures no gaps and a 100% successful conversion rate for all contractors transitioning to the client.

We invest heavily in screening processes and resources because we recognize the quality of our workforce creates ripple effects ultimately impacting the client’s production, compliance, profits, and brand.

Performance Management

Daily employee performance reporting ensures both positive and negative performance is recognized and addressed real time by TalentWell staff.

Customized employee incentive and employee development programs not only improve employee satisfaction; they also improve retention, attendance, work quality, and production.

A well-developed Performance Management Program improves employee performance, drastically reduces administrative work for client’s mangers, and ultimate increases profit.

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